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 When most people get to the age bracket of fifty to sixty years old, they start thinking about the best retirement place for themselves, and where the best retirement communities are. There are many factors that enter into one's decision on when and where to retire. I lived in Plano, Texas when my wife and I made the decision to move to a retirement place. I wont get into all the factors that were considered when we decided to go to the place I call the best retirement place. I will however, tell you some of the reasons or factors we chose to go to the place that we finally decided to retire.

We were looking for a place that wasn't too far from Texas and some place that was relatively warm most of the year. By warm, I mean not real cold winters. We were also looking for a place that was relatively inexpensive such as reasonable real estate costs and reasonable cost of living expenses. Another thing that we wanted to do was get to an area that wasn't over run with people... a place where you could move about without lines of cars stacked up at traffic lights and taking hours to get anywhere. These factors are what we considered to be the most important to us for deciding on a place to retire.

All this took place about ten years ago. We decided to retire in a place called Hot Springs Village. From now on I will refer to Hot Springs Village as the "Village". The Village is located about 35 miles southwest of Little Rock, Arkansas. The Village had very reasonable real estate, reasonable cost of living expenses, and didn't have traffic congestion. Plus they had many other amenities that I will familiarize you with later.

First of all, let me describe to you the area where the Village is located. The Village is located on the eastern edge of the Ouachita mountains and the Ouachita national forest. It is a beautiful area. It is very large, over 26,000 acres. From the front (west) gate to the back (east) gate it is about 13 miles. There are eight golf courses and seven lakes. The golf courses are some of the most beautiful courses that you will see in that part of the country. Some of the lakes are small and some are fairly large, but they all are beautiful. It also has 16 tennis courts, a fitness center, a 600 plus seating performing arts center and over 20 miles of nature trails. The Village is in two different counties, Garland and Saline. The Village is covered with a forest of trees that include, oak, pine, hickory, elm, dogwood, cedar, holly and many other species of trees.

The Village is a gated community. That in it's self, is a good enough reason to qualify as a best retirement place for many people. The Village has their own police and fire department, ambulance service, and para-medics. It is governed by the POA (Property Owners Association). There is an association fee of around $35 per month. The property cost on the lakes and many of the golf course lots is high. However, there are many "interior" lots that are very reasonable. Property cost have gone up quite a bit in the last few years, but that is true with most of the property in the country. Prices for homes in the Village range from around $60,000 to $1,000,000 with a median price of around $160,000. Townhouses range from around$45,000 to $300,000. New home construction average cost is about $100 per square foot as of the end of 2006.

Another amenity that the Village has is the 24/7 security of a gated community. The Village has one of the lowest crime rates in Arkansas and the nation. You can enter and exit the Village through seven entrance gates. The Front Gate on Highway 7 is staffed 24-hours a day and the East Gate on Highway 5 is staffed from 5:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m, with an electronic gate after hours. There are 5 other entrances that have electronic gates and require a computerized identification card for access and leaving.

The best retirement place in my opinion is Hot Springs Village. So if you are looking for some of the same things that I was looking for, do yourself a favor and look into the possibilites of the Village.

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